Sth Australian Red Stag

Ranch Hunt 330,000 Acres of prime big Red Deer Country

Come along on a spot and stalk adventure you’ll tell your grandchildren about. We hunt on foot, as well as from a 4x4. This means that hunters of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy hunting with us! We cater for everyone from the newcomer to the seasoned hunter.
We also offer a number of youth specials and cull hunts. There is no limit to the number of days you can hunt with us, we personalize every hunt to your requirements. This means you can hunt any number of animals or species available. Call to arrange customised hunt.


Additional trophies available

Fallow Stag up to 200DS      $650

Fallow Stag over 200DS       $1150

Rusa Stag                                 $1550

Sambar Stag                            $2650

Chital Stag                               $1650

Red Stag                                   $1650

Red Stag 12 or over or 40"+ $2030

Elk Cross                                   $2400

Cull Fallow                               $175

Cull Chital                                 $345

Cull Rusa                                   $345

Cull Red                                     $290

Mountable Cull Red               $460




  • 5 Days 1x1 $4255 Per hunter
  • 5 Days 2x1 3930 Per hunter
  • (Call for dates)

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