Coburg Banteng

A spectacular animal and a very exciting big game hunt

A hunt for Banteng bulls on Coburg Peninsular in the Northern Territory isn’t  something many hunters ever get the opportunity to participate in. Being Australia’s and one of the worlds least taken big game trophies due to the remoteness of Coburg Peninsula, price of hunt and the fact that this is the only place in the world where banteng cattle can be hunted legally. A fit mature banteng bull is a very impressive animal with massive shoulders and muscle density, it makes a very unique trophy. Additional banteng bulls, banteng cows, scrub bull, boar and even sambar stag can be taken for additional trophy fees . Accommodation is in the form of a wilderness tent camp with comfortable amenities.

Additional Trophy Fees 

Trophy Buffalo $4500

Non trophy buffalo $1800

Cull Buffalo $550

2nd Trophy Banteng Bull $6800

Banteng Cow $1000

Sambar Stag $1500

Scrub Bull $2300

This hunt may require air charters and these are not included in the price of the hunt. These will be quoted on at time of booking hunt.

  • 5 Days 1x1 $14800 per hunter
  • 5 Days 2x1 $13000 per hunter
  • (Call for dates)

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