NZ Chamois

Hunt the stunning chamois in New Zealands picturesque West Coast Mountains

Hunting chamois is a one of the most visually breath taking hunting experience you will every undertake. The combination of the stunning mountain views and these magnificent little alpine chamois make this an adventure your not soon to forget.  A helicopter is used to transport the hunter to the lower mountains of the Southern Alps. We set up camp and go hunting. Most chamois are within 1-2 hours walk from camp so you dont need to be extremely fit to get your trophy of a life time.,

Chamois were liberated in 1907 and have found the Westland mountains to their liking with plenty of feed and good numbers we are harvesting some phenomenal bucks. This is free range fair chase hunting for chamois on the West Coast, South Island at its best. You can hunt these animals year round, though the best time with their capes at their best is in full summer or full winter. Chamois rut May-July.


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