NZ Himalayan Tahr

Hunting tahr in New Zealands alpine country is simply breathtaking words cannot do it justice

The Himalayan tahr has to be one of the most majestic animals to hunt in New Zealand. This coupled with the sheer magnificence of the terrain they inhabit will have you wanting more of this type of hunting. Alpine hunting in New Zealand is simply something that can't be explained and must be experienced.

This hunt is free range fair chase hunting for tahr on the West Coast, South Island during their rut which is May-July or year round on the East Coast, South Island.
Hunters will use a helicopter to access the remote camp sites within the Southern Alps, the flight is truly spectacular. We then set up camp and go hunting. Most of our hunting is within 1-2 hours walk from camp with a lot of time spent glassing for big mature Bulls. This means if your fitness levels are not quite what they used to be there should be no problem.

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